The Plague

I’ve watched it kill so many people, it’s not surprising it’s come for me now. I should be thankful it took this long.

Before the Dark I was a doctor. Afterwards I tried my best to continue, but medicines ran low and diseases skyrocketed, the flu became more deadly, and people weren’t careful with their water, so it wasn’t surprising when the first neighbor walked in with unexplained symptoms.

From what I’ve seen, 1 in 2 people got infected, and those who didn’t were lucky, not immune. Once it got into a house everyone was screwed. Of those infected, well over half would die. I’m not an expert, but the other doctors I knew hypothesized it was airborne. Once we realized it was a new plague, we started telling people to wear masks and to come to us as soon as they smelled metal.

After a few days of the smell, you start to itch. Its a deep itch too, like when you try to itch the sole of your foot but the calluses are in the way. For a while the itch is merely irritating but as the week goes on you can’t stop. That’s when the first patients came in, after they’d scratched off a piece of flesh. It’s psychological too, no soothing cream does anything. Restraints resulted in broken limbs. Even as I try to force myself to write this I can’t stop scratching with my other hand.

A lot of people lose limbs, scratching through flesh and sinew. If they weren’t already being treated, they’d bleed out. When I still had patients the smell was unbearable. Now the metallic smell has just gotten stronger.

I know what happens next, if I survive the itching.

I won’t be able to write once the panic sets in. 3 days at most of overwhelming terror. Perhaps this fearis the only natural reaction if you just scratched off your limbs. A lot of people tried to kill themselves during this stage. We gave up trying to stop them when the antipsychotics ran out.

Finally, apnea. I’ll start breathing slower and slower until I stop breathing entirely. I’ve never seen it take less than 10 hours in a healthy adult.

Some people wake up at the end. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

The Plague

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